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WOW this is such an exciting, yet scary, project to undertake!

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Journaling Class April12th,2012

Exams, an overnight retreat up in the mountains, followed by Holy Week interrupted our classes!

It was such a pleasure to return to the classroom after a three week hiatus! First class the Grade Tens always a delightful group a bit loud but delightful!

The kids were happy to see me and even happier to receive their goodie bags! They were amazed that Kathryn Antyr of True North Art sent them each one of her bookmarks and a special pen.With a bit of extra time on my hands over the break I made each of them a few tags and a little booklet to tuck into the pockets in their journals! They finished tying up the mini books and added ribbon and cord to their tags and will decorate them later!





Two Grade tens proudly display their art work.

These are the same kids who said we can NOT draw Ms Liz!





Smiles and thank you Ms Liz were the theme for the class!





Someone even snuck a photo of Ms Liz!




Multitasking as they worked on their journals and we discussed the topics of that days pages!

Always a great class and the 40 minutes fly by!




The Bell rang and I had an hour break between my two classes, I was happy and positive as I headed off for an ice cream sundae at my favorite Ice Cream Shop!


Walking back to the school a weird and wonderful “Contraption” appeared at the school gates! This man certainly makes the most out of anything he finds!






The bell rings and it is back to class this time with the grade elevens! It was a disaster nothing was going to make them happy! Apparently they had received a 20 minute lecture about their “behavior” from the previous Teacher and they were not in a good mood!

Camera stayed in my bag we “got through” the class and enough said about that class!

A “Special” Visit



I recently had the honor of visiting the ONLY class here in Tela for “Special Needs Children”!  The classroom was a hodgepodge of donated furniture with little regard for sharp edges and hard surfaces but as the teacher explained, ” I have to take what is donated or I would have nothing!”
When I arrived two children were happily learning to cut paper,sitting there making a big mound of strips that will be used to make a paper mache project, nothing is wasted! Special needs children are so happy and they do love having their pictures taken! I hope to be able to offer some assistance to this program in the very near future.
When I asked the Teacher what she needed the most her answer surprised me at first but I smiled as she explained her need for Books,updated theory and practice books that are not available here in Honduras.I thought oh that should be easy till I realized we were speaking Spanish and she would need the books in Spanish So if anyone has any suggestions as to how to get these books in Spanish please leave a comment.

Donations from Cynthia

What a wonderful time Cynthia had shopping for all these goodies! Thank you from both myself and the children who will benefit from your generosity!

My dear friend Cynthia Gagen of London Canada went a a shopping spree and bought all these wonderful supplies for the children. Thank you so much for your generosity! The beginning of putting together little kits for both the children and the Teachers! When buying heavier items remember the cost of shipping and it might be more cost effective to make a cash donation. When you donate you can leave a comment if you wish your money to go to a specific item(s).There are Two Thousand children in 43 schools up in the mountains many of whom have never held a crayon!

Cynthia has also set in motion a Birthday Wish Project which is my dream wish! The Childrens ward at the local Hospital is to me a nightmare.. a place I certainly would not have wanted to take my sick child! My dream is to come up with funding to paint murals all over the walls,to provide a few very basic needs… sheets,pillows and pillowcases! At the present time if the parents do not have sheets the child sleeps on a paper sheet!

My dream is to provide those sheets and pillows and pillow cases topped off with a Huggy toy for each child that spends a night there! Preferably these would be handmade, bright beautiful colours and patterns! Huggy toys like the sock monkey,a teddy bear the list is endless! I am hoping to get the attention of a magazine like Cloth Paper Scissors to write a story about this so women from all over the world can support this joyous project of Colouring a Childs World! Please do what your heart leads you to do for these children.Unlike many big organizations I am here, hands on hearing the needs from the Teachers and the Nurses and making sure the donations and items go directly to the children! Have a wonderful day!

Journalling to My Self


 This above all: to thine own self be true,
And it must follow, as the night the day,
Thou canst not then be false to any man.”
– William Shakespeare

To thine own self be true. If only it were that easy. Most of us … after many years of questionable upbringing, sibling rivalry, an education system that seemed bent on knocking the stuffing out, and a society where everything, even the pain we suffer, is measured … are still striving for a perfection that seems forever just beyond our reach.

So we talk to our friends and we buy self-help books (occasionally reading them,) go to workshops, see a therapist, do some counselling, visit psychics and commune with whoever we pick for our higher power, desperately trying to be better, to grow, to become healthy, balanced, grounded or whatever the term is at any given moment. I can admit to all of the above, and a lot more besides, over the years. Approaching that magical age of 40 I got to thinking.

I create… We all create. I won’t get into the intimate details, but as either man or woman we have the ability to create a child – and it don’t get much more creative than that! And whether I build a bookcase, write a book, set the table, prepare supper, I create the best bookcase, manuscript, dinner table, meal, that I can.

I was created… (and I’m going to keep this so non-denominational, it’s not true) … Whoever, Whatever, However … I was created. Somehow I don’t think that He, She, It said: “I know, I think I’ll make a really lousy Shena today!” I believe that what was said was: “I think I’ll make the best possible Shena that I can.”


Meanwhile here I was trying to be better, improve, change, grow, ground myself, you name it. Wasn’t that like someone bringing me over a nice dish for supper that they had created, and I blithely add spices, whip up a sauce, or sautee it in brandy … without even tasting it first? How insulting! It occurred to me that maybe all I really had to do was to stop trying so hard to be perfect and just be who I was created to be ~ myself.
Which is where this all began, being true to my self…
(to be continued…)

Shena Meadowcroft is an Intuitive, Writer, Artist and Teacher who lives on, and works from, Gabriola Island in the Salish Sea off the coast of British Columbia, Canada where she is surrounded by birds, squirrels, raccoons, the occasional otter who wanders by, the sound of the seals and the sea lions in the bay and song of the whales and foghorns in the Strait ~ and lots and lots of journals.

Art – Writing – Life Blog:     www.byshena.blogspot.com
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Journal Class and A Pet Rock Class

My Thursday classes with the 10th and 11th grade students are going well and they are working on their prompts and finding what images they can at home to use to illustrate their personal take on the words assigned! This week they are working on “The Fog” and “Illuminate” writing how they feel about where their lives are going, where they want to be, and following the path to make their dreams come true!
I enjoyed seeing the incredulous looks on their faces as I showed them the donations that had arrived to help them collage and embellish their journals! Tune in next week when I share photos of their journals all tied together and a sneak peek at th


Pet Rocks Anyone….Friday I  enjoyed a morning with Fifth Graders making Pet Rocks! Always a big hit with younger kids and this class was no exception.No matter where you teach this project you get the same blank stare when you ask them to look at their rock and find an image hidden in it! Some were realistic and others were very imaginative critters but everyone had fun! Thank you Mrs Verley for sharing your Fifth Grade with me!

Donations are Arriving

Special thanks goes out to my friend Mary Larner in the UK, who, when I asked for an envelope of her wonderful die cuts replied with out any hesitation, “Consider it done!”  It arrived last week and wow what a treasure: sorted it into baggies and took it to class this week! The kids were awed by the fact that” My Friends would just send such wonderful things to help me teach Students in Honduras the joy of Art Journaling!


Another envelope of treasures arrived from my friend Judy in Ontario Canada some of the treasures were meant for me personally and some for my projects! This is a good example of what you can send from “your stash” Napkins, pieces of different kinds of paper bits and pieces so that each child can choose little bits to make their journals  individual! Thank you so much Judy Bassingdale!


More treasures from the UK….. Gina Morley sent these wonderful “How To” Magazines when I was expressing my need to learn how to make pockets and Tags and embellishments. I had already promised the kids they would do this even though I had never done them before! Two beautiful magizines and each with a “Bonus” …one with lovely rubber stamps and the other had a CD full of printouts.Thank you Gina for your saving Grace!


My dear friend Phyllis Peterson of the US was asking did my parcel arrive, it is only small but did it arrive? Phyllis never does anything small I really think she should be a Texan! Finally this week it arrived , two wonderful art books/magazines and a treasure trove of everything from bits of paper, fibers, tags, Wholley paper—-love that paper!Another wonderful example of things you can send from your stash that will bring a sparkle to a child{s eyes! Thank you Phyllis.